Sock It to me, fun socks are from all over the world

Sock It to me, fun socks are from all over the world

Sock It to me, fun socks are from all over the world

Socks are supposed to protect your feet, but that does not mean you stop imagining fashion. Why not have all? At Atarni you get socks with great looks, a great feel, and great quality.

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Design at Atarni

Most of our effort and time goes into the design phase and selection. We are always looking for innovative garments that complement our unique character traits.

When you subscribe to most sock boxes, you'll get a variety of socks that the company has on hand.

Before we consider distributing them to you, we find them and test them to ensure they function for you.

Finally, we have design concepts from all over the world. So, at Atarni, you can get any socks design you desire.

Quality at Atarni

It's a delicate balancing act. We care about how the socks feel when you wear them and how many times you can reuse them.

Also, there are strict limits on the percentages of each fabric type we will use to achieve the right amount of stretch and structure.

Materials used

Each region worldwide requires a different material of socks because of the weather conditions. So at Atarni, we offer different materials that are ideal for most areas. However, to maintain perfection in quality, the following is our material ratio in a pair of socks:

  • 83% Australian combed long-staple cotton.
  • 2% American INVISTA Lycra Spandex.
  • High elasticity and high stretch quality rubber band.
  • 15% China Kanjis Nylon Lycra Covered Yarn.

How do we choose the best socks?

At Atarni, we value research and development. Here is how we do it and how we did it recently:

  • We gave out 200 free socks boxes to people from five different countries.
  • They were 20 to 60 years old.
  • We asked for feedback.
  • Finally, we implemented that feedback in the product development phase of our socks.

That is how we know that our products are one of a kind and our customers will never have to choose any brand other than Atarni.

Our manufacturing process

The manufacturing process at Atarni uses only the best parts of technology from all over the world. Here are the details:

  • German Rudolph antimicrobial technology, double strand incorporation of functional fibers (Solve the problem of anti-odor and anti-bacterial socks)
  • Ergonomic 3D rotunda surround (Solve the problem of super wear-resistant socks that do not sag)
  • China: Advanced All-in-One Production Technology (Solve the problem of sock splicing affecting the sense of wear and use)
  • Detection: multiple testing quality control steps (Solve users' concerns about quality)


Socks at Atrni are tailored to fit your feet perfectly and reflect your own sense of style.

They might range from simple black socks to colorful novelty socks. Our socks are fantastic since they can be made to match any outfit, no matter how formal or casual the event.

Finding the perfect pair of socks can be challenging, but with the wide variety of options and the ability to design your own, you're bound to discover the right pair.

Our socks are from all over the world. Find out your sock personality right here!

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