AOTOW Adding Value, Love to Your Little People

AOTOW Adding Value, Love to Your Little People

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AOTOW Adding Value, Love to Your Little People

In the Greek alphabet alpha is the first letter and omega is the last. The beginning and the end. It’s that sense of spiritual completeness that drove us to create AOTOW. We wanted to create children’s gloves that kids can ‘tow’ around from the beginning of their childhood until they become more independent. And we know, too, that once you have children they become the beginning and end of your world.

At AOTOW, the philosophy is simple. They cherish the idea of bringing comfortable and friendly clothing, easily accessible to the masses. Their style is effortless and super warm, with no compromise on premium quality. The gears and attires offered at AOTOW are exquisite and versatile, made after carefully selecting top-notch raw materials and finalized after profound expressions of personal experiences. The core values lay on the lines of comfortable wear that is superior in quality and come at affordable prices.

Drawing inspiration from the innocent joys and wonders of a memorable childhood, AOTOW takes pride in introducing a brand crafted especially to keep the little ones warm in extreme weather. As we watch them interact with the natural world, kids remind us of that sense of wonder we all experienced when we were younger. In the cooler months we still want our children to continue their outdoor fun but know that little fingers are more vulnerable.
That’s why AOTOW’s expertly designed gloves ensure that your children’s fingers are kept toasty and warm from the beginning to the end of their winter play.

By adding exceptional features to keep the tiny tots warm and cozy in the cold winters with delightful designs that come in different sizes and colors, this space places importance on quality with phenomenal designs.The superior acrylic fibers in the knitted finish provide full finger stretch and elasticity to keep the hands warm for long periods without feeling even slight discomfort.

AOTOW, a sub-brand of ATARNI, focuses on Kids’ Fashion. Regardless of fabric, workmanship and style, kids’ fashion is very different from adults’ fashion.

AOTOW revolves around comfort, style and high-end quality clothing line that are purely whimsical and out-of-the-box 2019. They started in 2019 as online retailers of an eye-catching range of kid's winter wear and accessories. All can be found under one roof, from kids' hats and scarves to warm and snuggly fitted socks and gloves.

In 2019 taking the idea of a strong commitment to producing high-quality products in the clothing line, the number of designers was raised to almost 50 to encourage the finest products to the end-users by introducing and promoting R&D technology.

AOTOW, to elevate the user experience even more, incorporated smart technologies like Rudolph silver ion anti-bacterial technology + Dow anti-bacterial technology + chitosan anti-bacterial technology in 2020 to completely change the game of stinky-smelly socks forever. As a result of the combination of double knitting methods and advanced German integrated knitting machines to curate, anti-odor and anti-bacterial socks came into existence.

Around 2021, Aotow Glove is the leading designer of children’s gloves through innovation, they became extremely cautious about hygiene and comfort, which is reflected in their untiring efforts to take multiple trials for their products and pass them through tough criteria for sustainability and well-being testing.

AOTOW will have a lot of new introductions and surprises under its belt by 2022. One of them is the ability to open physical stores globally and get most people to enjoy our clothing line and accessories.

 Aotow takes each of its products very seriously. Regardless of fabric, workmanship and style, kids’ fashion is very different from adults’ fashion. We have a professional research team concentrating on kids’ fashion to create fashion products that are healthier and greener, more comfortable, more in line with the skin and size of kids.

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