3 Ways to Find What Belt Size You Wear

3 Ways to Find What Belt Size You Wear

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3 Ways to Find What Belt Size You Wear

How to find your perfect belt size?

Belts are undoubtedly one of the most typical accessories out there; specifically for men. A good belt is like a loyal, steadfast friend, staying with you through the years, ageing with you. It sees you through the stresses of everyday life

Are you looking for a guide about how to find your belt size?
Here are helpful tips to resolve this mystery and we’ll show you where to find a perfect belt size for you

Method 1: Measuring your pants size to find your belt size
The quickest, most convenient but also most incorrect method is to purchase a belt that is 2-3 in . larger than your suitable pants size, or as some say: ONE DIMENSION UP. Just add 2-3 inches to your pants size and you’ll get a pretty good estimate for your belt size (this method works best in inches). Therefore, if you have a 38 in jeans size, a 40 in belt size will be a good spot to start.

Method 2: Calculating your waist to find your belt size
Wear on a pair of pants that fit well. In order to help you find the best size, you should wear a pair that you’ll wear frequently with your brand-new belt.
Thread a flexible mp3 measure through the belt loops, as you would a belt. Make certain the tape is at the same level where you intend to wear your new belt, in the middle of the belt spiral. Pinch both edges of the mp3 together where they meet right in front, this measurement is the belt size. Note, that the thickness of the pants materials can influence the measurements.

Method 3: Calculating your existing belt to find your belt size
Determine a belt with you your current belt even if it will not fit perfectly. Measure the size from the belt buckle attaches (leather wraps around the buckle) to the opening which fits you most comfortably. In case this measurement is 38 inches, order a size 38 belt. Fitting a belt to the centre hole is important as it gives you the most versatility with your belt.



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