Shipping policy

Shipping policy

SECTION 1 - For Shipping Information

Atarni has local warehouses in the USA, Atarni will prioritize local warehouse shipments based on your purchase address and warehouse inventory. If there is no inventory in the local warehouse, we will arrange to ship near the warehouse or ship directly from our factory warehouse. Atarni will continue to improve our logistics timeliness and logistics experience.

SECTION 2 - For Shipping Postage

Free shipping on all orders

Note: The postage rate is the same for all countries that support delivery, and this applies to all products in the store.

SECTION 3 - For Shipping Method:

The Shipping Method is UPS.

After successfully placing an order, our representatives will get in touch with you to provide shipping details and order status within 2-3 business days.

SECTION 4 - About Customs Tax: Taxes may apply to imported goods/services and is regulated by the country's law. Atarni is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products. May depend on different policies and tax rates applied per country. In seldom cases, orders may be charged customs fees by your government, not our site, We apologize for any inconvenience, but we have no control over the customs authorities in your country or any other. Contact your local customs office for more information about customs fees, duties, and taxes.

SECTION 5 - Delivery Time

We are shipping to the USA (Not including The American 6 Outlying Islands), the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Canada.

Please refer to the following for details of shipping times for different regions and markets:

Shipping Countries Shipping Time Shipping Method
United States
(*Not including The American 5 Outlying Islands)
5-8 business days UPS
7-15 business days
(new products)
Germany & France 15-45 business days UPS
United Kingdom & Canada 30-60 business days UPS

International shipping might experience delays due to covid-19. If your order is delayed, please contact us via email, we will check the situation with the transportation company in time. Thanks for your understanding and support.

SECTION 6 - Order Cancellations We can cancel the order for you if you contact us in time after your purchase. If your payment is finished and the parcel is not shipped out, you can cancel your order before your item’s delivery. And we will refund full of your money. Orders can't be canceled once the parcel is shipped out.

SECTION 7 -For Tracking Information Please well noted that Atarni will send the shipment information and tracking number by email once the shipment information is updated.

①. I Can't Find The Notification Email. What Should I do?

If you can't find the email in your inbox, please try checking your spam folder. And please put our service email into your email list in case your email box is blocked and bounced or rejected to our email notification.

Atarni Shipment Notification Email

Email notification tracked services successfully deliver in 1-2 business days for all orders. Sometimes you may have to wait an extra day for your package to arrive.

②. How Do I Find My Order Number or Tracking Number?

The order number and tracking number for your order are shown in the email Atarni sent you when we dispatched your order. Or you can log in to "My Account" to find your order information.

③. How Do I Track My Order? Where Is My Order Now? Is My Parcel Shipped?

Please well noted that you have 3 options to find the tracking information.

Option: 1

Please click My Account login to your account and view historical orders and click the track button to the order history page. Please enter your Tracking Number for the shipment tracking information. And you can check your order history and order details also.

Option: 2

Please click the Track Order Statut below button for the shipment tracking information. Please enter your Tracking Number or Order Number for the tracking information.