How to Care for a Leather Belt-Make it Last a Lifetime!

How to Care for a Leather Belt-Make it Last a Lifetime!

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How to Care for a Leather Belt-Make it Last a Lifetime!

Natural leather belt care - make it previous a lifetime!

A real leather belt is often put on for laid-back situations, conventional occasions, and anything in between. It is just a coveted object for almost any man’s clothing.
In the event you properly proper care for them, the belts will stay their good looks and performance well.


Here we collected the most significant guide on how to care a leather belt.

1. Get the right fit
Typically the first step of maintaining a leather belt comes before you even spend money. Ahead of investing in a belt, be sure to know your belt size. For a lot of useful tips on what to know about your belt size, look into our detail guide.

2 . Condition it
Applying a leather conditioning product like Saddle Soap on your belt is another essential part of looking after a leather belt. Typically the conditioner contains humidity and other essential ingredients that protect the leather from becoming dry.
Simply apply a smaller amount of moisturizing product to a dry out cloth then apply it out both attributes of the belt until the belt has absorbed most of the conditioner. Finally, allow your belt to air-dry.
Just bear in mind to condition your leather belt with saddle detergent at least once every six months time (more frequently when you have worn the same belt every day--about every 3 months in that case)
Do not too often condition your leather belt otherwise it will damaged.

3. Clear it
You should also get into the habit of cleaning your leather belt to protect the physical characteristics and dirty. To clean your belt, simply wipe it down with a lukewarm washcloth. However, be certain to not saturate the cloth, as too much water may cover the leather to the point where it causes damages.

4. Retain it dry
Such as all leather accessories and garments, leather belts are vulnerable to damage when put or stored in humid conditions.
To protect your leather belt from this kind of harm, it’s recommended that you store it in a climate-controlled environment with a relative humidity of 50% or less.
If your belt gets wet, we’d recommend blotting it with a soft towel and let the belt suspend dry (straight down, with the belt buckle attached with a connect on the walls or in a closet)- do not attempt to accelerate the drying process with hairdryers or other heat sources, as this could leave your belt hard and brittle.

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