Do You Know How To Clean and Maintain Different Women & Men Gloves?

Do You Know How To Clean and Maintain Different Women & Men Gloves?

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Do You Know How To Clean and Maintain Different Women & Men Gloves?

Whether you are working in the garden or a garage, you will need a nice pair of gloves to keep your hands clean and protect them from infection or contamination. Not to forget, gloves are a must-have in those cold months. But when it comes to cleaning them, it’s a whole different story. Unlike children's mittens or gloves that are softer and can be cleaned easily using a gentle wash cycle, the same cannot be said for adult gloves, such as adult winter gloves.


But worry not because we have you covered. Here is how you can clean and maintain your leather, rubber, and fabric gloves.


How to Maintain Your Leather Gloves?

Leather gloves can be used to make a fashion statement and are perfect to wear on a road trip. With the right care, they can last you for years!

  • When cleaning, make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals that may ruin the color or integrity of your gloves.
  • Instead, make a mix of lukewarm water with pure soap flakes and use a cloth to gently wipe down your leather globe.
  • You should then let them dry naturally; never use a dryer or wring them, as this can cause them to lose their natural shape. You should also avoid washing them using a washing machine or submerging them fully in water.


How to Maintain Your Rubber Gloves?

Rubber, vinyl, or neoprene gloves are generally used when working with cleaning agents or chemicals. If you have rubber, neoprene, or PVC gloves, here is how you can clean them:


  • You should wash the outside of the adult gloveswith soap or mild detergent and hot water.
  • You should wear them as you do so to thoroughly rinse them.
  • Then proceed to clean the inside of the gloves using a mix of soap and water.
  • Once you have them washed, hang them in a well-ventilated location for them to dry off.
  • You can also turn them inside out once the outside dries to make sure the inside also fully dries out. Completely drying them out will prevent the growth of mildew.


How to Clean Your Fabric Gloves?

Finally, you will have fabric gloves made from cotton, nylon, or wool. These are more of your everyday use gloves, especially warm wool gloves and are actually quite simple to clean and maintain.


  • Simply throw them into a washing machine. You can use a mix of warm water and mild laundry detergent to clean them. You can also hand wash them by first soaking them in water and then cleaning them with mild detergent.
  • For drying, however, always make sure you use low heat or no heat setting. You could also simply squeeze the water out and let them air dry. Avoid wringing the gloves, especially the wool gloves, as this can affect their shape.


When to Change Your Gloves?

If you use your adult gloves regularly at work and notice signs of wear and tear, a wash cycle isn't what you need. You need to replace them immediately. This will minimize the risk of injury. If you use them at home, you may find that cleaning them up removes dust and debris, but to fully protect your hands from contaminants, replace them!


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