ATARNI, Makes your family full of love!

ATARNI, Makes your family full of love!

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ATARNI, Makes your family full of love!

Feel the Love and Warmth with Atarni, Now In Stores

Fashion is a wide area to showcase creativity and talent that adds flavor to our daily wear and gives us a personal sense of style. It is also freedom or expression of personal feelings and creativity that is captured perfectly in the brand Atarni.

The brand is an online shopping mall that features the latest fashion apparel and fashion accessories. The registration was done in 2019 and the headquarters is in New Jersey. One of the most appealing things about Atarni is that it is distributed worldwide and has got overseas warehouses. With the help of these global warehouses the brand ships to over 50 countries internationally.

If you are an international customer and trying to keep up with the global fashion and accessories trend then the good news for you is that Atarni makes it possible for you to get your hands on the products. The company is committed to bringing the most loving and warm products to you, no matter where you are.
Are you worried about not being able to connect to the brand just because they speak a different language? Atarni also takes care of that and has launched a multilingual customer service that is professional and completely dedicated to the huge customer base of the brand, scattered around the whole world including America, the Middle East, and Europe.

The journey of the brand started back in 2019 when the company committed to the quality of its products. It hired more than 50 designers so that its R&D technology can focus on development and improve the product quality for the users.

In the next year, the brand finally registered itself and created its signature backpack with the TPU composite mesh design combined with the usage of seamless heat-pressing technology. As a result, a lightweight yet powerful and stylish backpack was born that increased the brand’s visibility and reputation in the global customer base.

In 2019, the brand also founded its sub-brand, AOTOW which is a children’s fashion apparel brand. Kid’s fashion is extremely different from adult fashion in various areas, starting from its fabric to its style and workmanship. Keeping that in mind, Atarni has a separate team of professionals that are focused on creating a more comfortable, greener, and healthier clothing line that is size friendly for the kids.

In the year 2020, the brand expanded its product line and now the Anti-odor and anti-bacterial socks are added to the product lists. The technologies that are the main focus of this product are silver ion antibacterial technology, the Dow anti-bacterial technology, and the chitosan anti-bacterial technology. Following the next year, Atarni evolved itself and launched a free trial program to test new products and involve more users in its design.

In 2022, the brand is excited to open offline stores to connect to the audience more. The vision of the company symbolizes the deer. As it represents beauty, love, health, and power in the East, Atarni as a brand also tries to represent similar things.

Deer, the symbol of nature's glory, represents beauty, love, health and power in the East.ATARNI, adhering to the superior quality of deer, determines to create fashionable, simple, practical, excellent and popular products. Whether it is the love of the couple or parents, love is eternal. ATARNI seriously makes each product to pass the love between the couple, parents and children.

Each ATARNI's product represents your care for your family.

ATARNI, Makes your Family Full of Love!

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