How To Embark On Your Ideas For DIY Knitted Socks In 2023

How To Embark On Your Ideas For DIY Knitted Socks In 2023

How To Embark On Your Ideas For DIY Knitted Socks In 2023

Knitting is perhaps the most attractive and useful thing that you can do for yourself and your loved ones. For a lot of people knitting is still quite intimidating when it comes to socks, they get worried about turning the heel and ending it at the right length. Don’t worry, you got this! Knitting socks is not rocket science, and anyone can do it by following the six simple steps given below. It requires patience, practice, and consistency.

1. Overcome fear

Do not fear you will mess up because even if you do it is part of the learning process only. In order to knit a pair of socks you just need to know how to knit and purl and the rest is just following the process. So conquer your fear and give it a go!


2. Prepare the required preparation tools

Preparation is a must when you are willing to participate in an intriguing process like knitting. So grab your gears before in jump into the process. Sock knitting is just like any other knitting, you just do it in a smaller size. Here is a list of tools,


  • 5 mm needles – Short Circular
  • 1 ball of 4ply sock yarn – 100 gm (or two balls of 50 gms)
  • Two pairs of DPNs of size 3.0 mm and 2.5 mm
  • Stitch Markers
  • Tapestry Needle

    3. Prepare the yarn material for your socks

    You can choose any kind of yarn you like as long as it fits your color of choice and sense of comfort. However, if you are seeking some recommendations, it is best to proceed with a sturdy yarn since it is going to get rubbed against the floor and the shoes.

    4. Choose a good sock pattern you like

    You can choose more than one pattern, but in the beginning, going for a relatively simple pattern is more likely to succeed. Simple patterns like chevron, basic ribbed, sockalong, etc are good, to begin with, or you can find more inspiration.

    5. There are many ways to understand how to prepare socks

    To knit the socks on the right you need to understand the four sections of it.

    • Heel Flap
    • Turn Heel
    • Shape Gusset
    • Toes

    There are lots of different kinds of heels such as top-down, toe-up, and two at a time, and the variety goes on. If you get the sections right, it will more likely be successful pair of wearable socks.

    6. Choose the most suitable way for newcomers

    The easiest way to knit socks with proper patterns is to follow the video tutorial step by step to complete it. You can find many video tutorials available on the web, based on your desired pattern and idea. Similarly, clothing experts like Atarni shares informative articles on knitting that help online users know how to create knitted products without worry. Read, watch, learn and create your favorite pair of comfy socks.

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