How to prepare Christmas Gifts of Needlework

How to prepare Christmas Gifts of Needlework

How to prepare Christmas Gifts of Needlework

Christmas brings with it joy, cheers, and festivities. It is a time to connect with family and show appreciation through gift-giving. Shopping for presents for everyone can be hard at best and nerve-wracking at worst. There is simply too much choice.

One of the best presents to gift this Christmas season is a customized needlework piece. It is the perfect gift as it is practical and appropriate for the season. A comfortable set of gloves or a warm scarf are a wardrobe staple for the winter. If you are not confident in your knitting capabilities, you can always buy a beautifully woven pair of gloves online from Atarni

How to make a glove knitting pattern?

Knitting gloves can be quite tricky. It is not as simple as knitting a scarf since gloves need to conform to the shape of the hand. Here is a simple guide to making an easy glove-knitting pattern:

Get all the materials together

You will need a ball of good-quality yarn and two-sided knitting needles in two sizes.

Take the right measurements

Measure out the hand to get the sizing right. It is better to size down a bit for a snug fit since the glove will stretch.

Settle on a pattern

You can get all kinds of patterns for free online. These can be downloaded and printed without any expense. It is best to choose an easy pattern so you can focus on getting the shape of the gloves just right.

Cast on the stitches

Cast on stitches. You will need to stitch in 24 or 28 stitches, depending on the size of the glove you want to make. Divide these stitches evenly across three needles.

Start knitting

Take the fourth needle and start stitching. Alternate between a knit and purl stitch and continue to complete the body of the glove.

Making the fingers

Even if you are going for fingerless gloves, you will at least need a division for the thumbs. For each finger, take a few stitches and begin knitting.

Buying knitted gloves

Not everyone can knit well. Gloves, especially, are notoriously hard to get right. If you want to gift a pair of knitted gloves this Christmas, then try Atarni. One of their bestsellers is the fingerless convertible wool gloves. These gloves are fingerless and allow you to use your hands to do work. They can also become mittens for extra warmth.

Gift your loved one a thoughtful and useful present this Christmas, and show them just how much you care. 


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