Do You Know The Story Of Santa Claus?

Do You Know The Story Of Santa Claus?

Do You Know The Story Of Santa Claus?

Christmas is one of the most important festivals in Europe and the United States.
Write about how people usually spend Christmas. It is just a wait for a few days until you will bathe in the flavors of festivities. People tend to celebrate Christmas but do you know the story of Santa Claus?
It may sound unreal but Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas is indeed a real person. In real life, he is not a man with a white beard with a red furry suit visiting children on the sleigh. He may have been a bearded man who uses to like wearing hats. Yet he is not a reindeer-drawn sleigh person but he use to ride horses.

Nicholas was born in Turkey in a quite wealthy family but he lost both of his parents at a very young age. After that, he dedicated his life to Christianity and the services of Christ. The fortune he had from his parent along with his devoted works became solely for the use of Christianity. Soon enough he was appointed the bishop of Myra, a place situated on the southern coast of modern-day Turkey.

These are the times when people are persecuted and served brutally in jail. Nicholas also faced the same misfortune and he has to spend the first few years of the Fourth Century in jail during this time he faced various other cruel actions as well. After Constantine legalized Christianity Nicholas was set free. According to the legends, Bishop Nicholas was present at the Church’s First Ecumenical Council at Constantine’s summer palace in Nicea in 325. But when Arius started to share his false views and denied Christ’s deity, Nicholas stood up and promptly opposed Arius. Some biographers say that he had punched him in the face for saying such things.

He had to go back to jail again for this assault, and while he sought forgiveness for his deeds, Constantine granted clemency and returned him to his previous post. After that he diligently served people and throughout his lifetime he has been extremely generous to people and especially children. He used to present them with gifts and appreciate their good deeds. At that time Myra had one of the busiest ports, sailors and ships were coming and going all the time. Legend says that he used to have ships loaded with gifts for the children of that town.

The legend says that a widowed father was facing a very hard time gathering money for the wedding of his only daughter. When Saint Nicholas came to know about this he wanted to help this helpless father. He eventually rolled some gold coins through the chimney hole. The coins eventually fell into the stacking of the girl. And from this story, today’s interpretation of hanging socks by the fireplace came to life.

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