Cleaning Instructions for Woolen Hats

Cleaning Instructions for Woolen Hats

Author OliviaAlexander
Cleaning Instructions for Woolen Hats
To ensure that your wollschliff hats have a wonderful and longevity with you, you should know to how to wash your winter woolen hats

Made of wool is a fragile material. It felts quickly, loses its form if treated too much, and reduces. Caps and beanies are mostly made from wool.
Therefore, hats should only be washed when it is necessary. Specifically, if the percentage of natural fibers (e. g. virgin mobile wool) in the cap is high, it is sufficient to lay the hats in the fresh air to air it out.

When the cap is unclean or very exhausted, you will of course have to clean it.

When cleaning by hand, bathe the hat quickly in lukewarm water, ideally with wool soap. Then gently press it - ensure that you "gently move" the hat. This safeguards the stitch framework and prevents the hat deformation

You should pay attention when drying the cover after washing. You need to only gently squeeze the water out of the cap. Never wring it out! Then pull the hat into shape (but only very carefully! ) and lay it on a terry towel to dry.
But not in the sun and not on the radiator. And don't hang it up either!
Taboo is the drying of hats with wool fibers (no matter if natural, acrylic or superwash) in the tumble dryer!

Always remember the following Tips--then you will have a lot of fun with your beanie for a long time:

Wash only when necessary
Using a wool detergent
Put it on a towel to dry and let it dry.
Do not use a tumble dryer
If the beanie has a pom-pom, please turn the beanie inside out when washing.

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