How to Clean and Maintain Boxing Gloves?

How to Clean and Maintain Boxing Gloves?

How to Clean and Maintain Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves do a great job of shielding both boxers from serious injuries during a fight. However, is it acceptable to use them without cleaning? Well, just as your feet sweat in your shoes, so do your hands in your gloves. It produces bacteria and a foul odor. And that’s certainly something you don’t want to be known for while in the ring 

Boxing gloves can be kept fresher longer by regularly being cleaned and maintained. So continue reading to learn how to maintain and clean your gloves.

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

· For internal glove cleaning

  • Utilize a dry cloth or paper towel to absorb the sweat or moisture.
  • Use saline solution to eliminate microorganisms that cause odors. Soak your gloves for 40 minutes in this saltwater-based solution, then rinse and dry them.
  • Lastly, use baking soda or an apple cider vinegar solution for thorough disinfection.

· For external glove cleaning

  • Clean your glove with a warm, wet towel.
  • Use soapy water or a vinegar solution on the gloves to kill bacteria.
  • Let your gloves air dry. Avoid using the sun, a heater, or warm air to dry your gloves.

How to Maintain Boxing Gloves

These come in a variety of compositions. Your sweat and body heat alter the longevity of such elements. Therefore, maintenance is crucial. Before putting on gloves:

  • Wash your hands and apply sanitizer if possible.
  • Wearing wraps helps to reduce hand sweat, similar to how socks do for the feet. Further, wraps are easy to wash.
  • Clean your gloves from the inside out.

Boxing Glove Types and Applications

· Bag gloves

At the knuckles, these gloves feature less padding. They enable the boxer to deflect and catch a strike.

· Training gloves

Designs with sufficient padding, training gloves are reliable for all boxers. They are equally helpful for bag work and sparring.

· Sparring gloves

They have considerable padding to protect both fighters. They are somewhat heavier and the same size as trainers.

· Competition boxing gloves

They have combat-oriented designs with less cushioning at the knuckles. Competitive gloves are different for amateurs and professionals.

Other Maintenance Precautions 

Consider the following boxing glove safety tips.

  • Don't keep your boxing gloves in the trunk of your car or gym bag for too long.
  • Clean your gloves with your hands. Don't use the machine for this purpose.
  • Choose disinfectant carefully.
  • Immediately dry your gloves after applying disinfectant. 
  • Avoid sharing your gloves.

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