Father’s Day Gift Idea - Tactical Gloves

Father’s Day Gift Idea - Tactical Gloves

Author Atarni Smith
Father’s Day Gift Idea - Tactical Gloves

Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you haven’t done your shopping yet, and are looking for some great gift ideas, well.., look no further. A pair of tactical gloves will be a wonderful choice.

Tactical gloves, designed initially for police officers and special units operations and provided them with the required traction to handle their knives and weapons, nowadays, their range of use is wider and even extends to sports.


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Breathable & Comfortable - Motorcycle gloves made of microfiber leather and mesh fabric, brings extra skin-friendly and breathable properties, tactical gloves' palm is made of non-slip and wear-resistant suede, good for motorcycling and climbing, The armor protector is made of PC material, which can protect your hands well in army training, which are extremely comfortable to wear.

Professional Protection - Tactical gloves are equipped with PVC sleeve and thermoplastic rubber cover, it has high shockproof performance to protect your hands and knuckles from accidental injury during shooting training play paintball hunting hiking etc.


Wearable Flexible Touchscreen Gloves - Motorcycle gloves are non-slip and durable palm provides better grip, In addition, with anti-shock foam, effectively relieve your hands fatigue and tiredness, Touchscreen gloves have a sensitive touchscreen function on the thumb, index finger which are made of high-quality conductive material, You can use the smartphones, iPads and other touch screen devices without taking off the gloves normally.

Adjustable Velcro - Military tactical gloves with high quality adjustable velcro allow you to adjust it well to your wrist, avoid over-feeling discomfort, thanks to that special design, you will feel so comfortable wearing tactical gloves for training paintball shooting motorcycling etc.

Ideal for Outdoor Sports - Military tactical gloves are suit for many outdoor activities, such as driving, training, cycling, motorcycling, airsoft, paintball, shooting, hunting, climbing, hiking, also suitable for tactical use.

Get Dad something for Father’s Day he really wants!

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